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All Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Forms and Downloads

Access details, and download all the important Teachers Service Commission Files, Forms, and documents on this page. To download the documents, scroll down to find a list of all TSC documents available.

TSC Maternity leave form

This is a form for female teachers who are entitled to 90 calendar days of maternity leave from the date of confinement. Maternity leave is exclusive of annual leave. The maternity leave application is submitted to the MEO/DEO/DCE through the head of the institution at least a month before the leave is to begin. Supporting documents must be submitted with the application.

Important facts about TSC Maternity leave to note:

  • Application for maternity leave should be submitted at least a month before the leave is due.
  • A teacher should submit her birth notification before resuming the office.
  • A female teacher who submits her maternity leave form should forfeit her annual leave of the year she submits an application for maternity leave.

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TSC Employment form

For this form, all sections have to be filled in full. If incomplete or incorrect information is provided, this will lead to disqualification.

TSC Paternity leave form

A male teacher is eligible to apply for a paternity leave of up to 10(ten days) within the period of their spouse’s maternity leave. If a male teacher has more than one wife, he is entitled to leave with respect to the wife whose name appears in the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) card. The application for TSC Paternity Leave should be submitted to the DCE/MEO/DEO through the head of the school or institution. A letter of the spouse’s confinement has to be attached also.

TSC study leave form

Application for this leave has to be submitted to the Teachers Service Commission at least three months prior. To the start of the studies. The commission also considers late applications in situations where the government scholarship is received late. The application has to be completed in triplicate and the copies are distributed as follows.

  • The original copy is forwarded to TSC by the County Director.
  • The duplicate copy will be retained in the office of The County Director,
  • The triplicate copy will be retained in the institution where the teacher works.

    TSC Transfer form

This form is also filled in triplicate. Two of the copies are submitted to the county director and then distributed in this manner:

  • Copy to the TSC county director/staffing officer
  • Original copy to TSC

No teacher will be able to move from one station to another before receiving a letter of transfer from the TSC county director/staffing officer.

A teacher may not be transferred if he/she has not served at the current station for a period of five(5) years or more.

TSC Sick Leave

If a teacher is not able to attend duty due to illness, he/she is required to do the following to get the TSC sick leave.

1. Apply for sick leave through the head of the institution within 48 hours for outpatient and not later than seven days for inpatient.

2. Attach relevant medical documents signed by a registered medical practitioner.

A teacher on permanent terms of service is entitled to three months of sick leave with full pay which can be extended to three months with half pay. Any further extension will be without pay until one is able to resume duty.

A teacher on temporary terms of service will qualify for one month sick leave with full pay and one month with half pay, thereafter no pay until one is able to resume duty.

Where one has been on sick leave beyond six months he/she will be posted from TSC Headquarters upon production of a certificate of medical fitness. Sick leave not applied for within the stipulated time will be regarded as absence without permission.

TSC Complaint form

This is a form a teacher fills if they have any complaints that they can forward to TSC. The form has three parts. The first one requires a teacher to briefly describe the complaint and provide any evidence if available.

TSC Bank form

This is a form where the teacher gives details of his/her pay point details i.e. details of the bank account you could like to receive payment from your employer, TSC.

TSC next of Kin Form

The teacher gives details of his next of kin(s) and the existing relationship. A next of kin is an individual who the teacher accepts and fills their details on the TSC next of kin form so that they can have inheritance rights and obligations as defined by state law.

TSC Medical Claim Form

This form is for filling in details over coverage of medical expenses. This form contains six (6) that must be filled correctly.

TSC Subsistence allowance form

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