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SOFTWARE ADVISOR: Best Apps for Windows 10

Your new computer having Windows 10 system is going to need installation of appropriate software especially if it is brand new or if you did a clean installation of Windows. Many apps are available that can improve your experience while using Windows, entertain you, or improve security on your device with managing passwords and keeping viruses away from your device.

To make the process of choosing software for your Windows operating system, we have compiled a list of software that suits every user based on either productivity or entertainment.



You may not like to use One Drive as you may have a different taste especially if we involve the required fees. Dropbox will enable you to access cloud storage. It has a grid and list view in case you wanted to view your pictures, videos, or documents. It has a 2GB basic plan that is accessible at no cost.


This app will help you learn language skills. This can come hugely handy especially if you are planning to travel to a foreign country. It has a lot of gamification and rewards when you pass quizzes. You can use it at your own convenience because you can choose to use it for a few minutes and you will still learn something.

Skype for Windows

Skype for Windows will help you immensely for long-distance communication. It integrates well with Windows 10. Video chats are important both at home and at work. Skype is already integrated on your windows but you can share pictures with the official desktop application. You can also choose translations and share your screen on the desktop app too.

Microsoft To Do

Sometimes people with a hectic schedule need an app that can help them plan their activities. This app is a great choice for this kind of task of making lists and planning. By doing this the app will help you to enhance your productivity and reduce your stress levels. The ‘My Day’ view has a daily planner that suggests tasks for you. It also offers syncing of these tasks between To Do and Outlook email.

Microsoft Sticky Notes

Here you can create sticky notes as reminders and then put them on your desktop display. There are other advancements in the new version such as the ability to pin your sticky notes to your Start screen and write notes down with your Surface Pen. You can also link those notes to sites or documents for more information. Syncing is also supported across your Windows devices. This will enable you to view your stuff on the web.


Adobe Photoshop Express

The free version of Photoshop is available for Windows OS but the full suite of Adobe comes at a fee. With the free app, you will get limited access to Adobe Photoshop Express’s photo-editing tools. However, it allows you to customize your work in many ways. If you want to work on some images, this is a good app for that purpose. You will need to have an Adobe ID login in order for this app to work.

Open Live Writer

With Open Live Writer you can create photo, text, or video posts and then publish them on any site of your choice. It is compatible with WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, and many other website builders. Open Live Writer offers a good palatable interface for scheduling and tagging. This saves precious time in your blogging experience.

Fresh Paint

The painting application has a variety of palettes and many ways you can access color designs or work from start to finish. You can also upload your art and even apply filters or that paint style you like. This app is not as great as Photoshop but it is a good software to use for simple tasks.


VLC Media Player

VLC handles almost all types of video formats. Once you have this app you will not need to worry about that.VTS, .mp4, or any other video or audio formats. It can pay media sourced at a disc or network streaming protocols. This is a great app if you like watching a lot.


Pandora is a great option for streaming music online. This app is compatible with Xbox One and is Windows-friendly than other apps like Spotify.


This app is like an entertainment box for you. It is capable of syncing across devices so that if you were watching something on your computer, you can finish it even on Xbox One. Official apps for Hulu and other services are also available.

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