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School Latrine Caves in Leaving One Student Dead With Two Injured

A toilet caved in killing one student and two injured at Nyabondo Boys High School located in the Nyakach area, Kisumu County.

The three learners had gone to relieve themselves in the evening break when the toilet collapsed on them.

Rescue teams who were dispatched from the county government to the school tried their best to rescue the boy. Unfortunately, one learner in Form One got trapped in the collapsed toilet material and died.

Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o called for prompt investigations on the area to find out what caused the accident.

“It is a very devastating accident leading to the loss of a young ebullient student. I am calling for speedy investigations into this matter,” said Prof Nyong’o.

Regarding those who survived the accident, Prof Nyong’o wished them a quick recovery.

Student Drowns in Kipkaren River

A 20-year-old student from Chekalin High School from Kakamega County drowned on Sunday in Kapkaren River. The student was on a fishing venture when the accident occurred.

According to eye-witnesses, the learner identified as Aswani was fishing when he decided to swim in the deep waters of the river. Unfortunately, the powerful waves of the river overwhelmed him and he drowned.

“My brother and I were fishing when he decided to swim. He jumped into the river but he drowned,” said Vancy, sister to the victim.

According to residents of the area, the body was discovered in the evening at around 5 pm but then vanished into the deep waters.

Later, the victim’s clothes and fish were found on the river bank.

Turbo Police Department was informed about the incident and divers have been searching the river for Aswani’s body.

The drowning incident sheds light on drowning being among the top ten causes of death around the world every year. Among children aged between 1 to 24 years.

A majority of drowning cases in low and middle-income countries occurs in rivers, lakes, wells and domestic water storage. Children in rural areas and adolescents as well are among those affected by drowning.

Governments, civil societies and individuals have been urged to install barriers to control access to water, teach people how to swim, water safety and the safe skills of rescuing people affected by the threat of drowning in water.

Training of bystanders on safe rescue and resuscitation and better flood management has been suggested.


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