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School in Homa Bay Now Has 162 Pupils after Mass Exodus Due To Poor Learning Facilities

Kodido Primary School located in Dhiwa Constituency, Homa Bay County is on the verge of being closed after a sharp shortage of learning facilities led to a mass exodus of learners.

The poor state of the infrastructure in the school led to many parents transferring their children to other schools.

At the moment of writing this article, the institution has only 162 learners left.

The parents revealed that a lack of learning utilities among them a shortage of classrooms was the chief reason for the mass exodus. The headteacher to the school Ms. Florence Ogalo acknowledged the shortage, saying it was the main reason parents elected to take their children to other schools.

According to Madam Ogalo, her administration was not able to stop the mass exodus of learners because funds were not available to be used in improving the state of the school.

“Parents are taking their children, among them the best performers because they have been complaining about the shortage of classrooms. We do not have an administration block, latrines and we do not have ample water supply which is crucial in our day-to-day operations,” said Ogola.

The school started in the year 1994 through a community initiative and had just 6 classrooms at the time when it was eventually handed over to the Ministry of Education.

The few well-wishers who had come to the school’s rescue threw in the towel prematurely.

“Some classrooms we need are being constructed courtesy of the community’s initiative and well-wishers. There has been slow progress towards achieving the needed utilities,” explained the headteacher.

The school administration’s attempts to get financial assistance from Ndhiwa Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) did not bear fruit despite the school’s deplorable condition.

However, Ms. Ogalo did reveal that the school benefitted from the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) when former MP Netto Oyugi oversaw the construction of one classroom.

The Board of Management (BOM) Chair, Mr. George Midiang’a called out the current area MP Martin Owino and he NG-CDF officers who have seemingly deliberately ignored the needs of the school, imploring them to conduct a review of their priorities.

“We urge the MP to prioritise this school and other schools that are also needy. They should help us have enough classes so that teaching and learning continue without any hiccups. As students migrate, this school which is near many lerners’ homes will close and this will mean pupils walking for long distances in order to find alternative schools,” said Midiang’a.

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