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Offences to Avoid During This Elections Period

General Elections are set to be held tomorrow and Kenyans are optimistic that the new regime will change things to make life easier for everyone.

However, given that general election in the past have resulted in violence, the government has promised to ensure that hooligans do not ruin this wonderful historic occasion with police deployed in all areas in the country.

Approximately 22,120,458 voters are set to participate in the voting exercise tomorrow marking the seventh general election for Kenyan since the introduction of multiparty in 1992.

7,483 prisoners and 10,444 voters will cast their ballots in Kenyan embassies and missions all over the world.

There will be six positions to be voted on with the president, senator, member of the National Assembly (MP), woman representative and ward representative (MCA) all set to be voted in.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has allocated 46,229 polling stations for the voting exercise.

Kenyans are advised to avoid the following offences which can attract huge fines of up to 1 Million shillings or imprisonment for up to six years or both.

Do not do the following:

  • Fake, deface or destroy a ballot
  • Distribute ballot papers to anyone without authority
  • Sell any ballot paper available for sale
  • Have any ballot paper in your possession other than when voting
  • Purchase or offer to purchase any ballot paper from any individual.
  • Do not place anything other than the authorized ballot paper in any ballot box.
  • Remove any ballot paper from a polling place
  • Remove election materials from polling places prior to, during and after the election.
  • Destroy, open, dispose of, or otherwise interfere with election materials.
  • Print a ballot paper or something that appears to be a ballot paper
  • Have any appliances, devices, or mechanisms that can interfere with ballots.
  • Write on another voter’s ballot paper
  • Cast your vote more than once.
  • Interfere with other voters while they are secretly voting.
  • Pretend you can’t read or write in order to get help voting.
  • Pretend to be blind or have another disability in order to be assisted in voting.
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