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Ministry Of Education Guidelines on Salaries of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Employed On BOM Terms

The Ministry of Education has provided well-established guidelines on terms of teaching and non-teaching staff in secondary schools who are employed on the Board of Management (BOM) Terms.

The Board of Management hires both teaching and non-teaching staff.

The guidelines provided hear mirror Dr. Kilemi Mwiria’s education task force. Dr. Kilemi Mwiria proposed a number of workers per institution and their fixed salary scales.

According to Dr. Kilemi’s task force, the highest-paid non-teaching staff is the bursar who is entitled to earning a basic salary of up to Sh. 41,000 while Watchmen or Security Personnel and Groundsmen are the ones who are paid the lowest.

The data below shows employees of the Board of Management (BoM), their Minimum qualifications for appointment, monthly salaries, and their job groups.

StaffMinimum QualificationJob GroupsMonthly Salary (KSH)
BursarCertified Public Accountant (CPA) IIIK31,02041,590
Secretary F, G and H12,51024,662
Nurse/MatronCertificate in NursingH and J 24,662
StorekeeperCertificate in procurement or supplies managementF, G and H12,51021,304
Laboratory Technician F, G and H12,51021,304
CateressKenya National Examination in CateringF and G12,51021,304
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Technicians F and G12,51021,304
Office Messenger D10,38011,370
Security personnelKCSE certificateC and D9,66011,370
Grounds Men or WomenKCSE certificateC and D9,66011,370
CookKCSE certificateC and D9,66011,370
Kitchen Hand StaffStandard Eight CertificateC and D9,66010,380

Salaries for BOM Teachers

The other category of employees on BoM terms are teachers who are employed to cover on the shortage of teaching force in the country.

Salaries of BoM teachers are not constant and they vary depending on the status of the school. For simple, the size of the school determines the amount of salary paid to BoM teachers.

Teacher.co.ke has found out that BoM teachers in schools with a single stream schools earn around Ksh. 10,000 per month. On the other hand, those teaching in a majority of the National schools go home with around Ksh. 18,000 to Ksh. 25,000 per month

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