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Latest Guidelines on TSC requirements for primary teachers

In case you are planning to become a primary school teacher and you have been wondering what the requirements are, well we come to your rescue.

This is also necessary in the case of form 4 graduates who are contemplating their next step.


For TSC to consider you for employment as a primary school teacher there are requirements you have to meet.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Be a Kenyan Citizen.
  2. Hold a PTE Certificate (P1 certificate) from KNEC OR
  3. Hold a Bachelors of Education Degree (Primary Education) from a university that is recognized by the government of Kenya (with two teaching subjects).

TSC requires you to be not more than 45 years of age when applying for employment as a primary school teacher in Kenya.

Besides the above requirements, you also need to be a registered teacher. You register with the Teachers Service Commission themselves according to the TSC Act Cap 212, Section 23(1) at the time of application.

In case you do not possess the physical TSC registration certificate, or you are yet to receive it from TSC, make sure you attach a printout of your TSC number application as you made it online showing the verified status.

This will serve as evidence that you have met the basic requirements to be registered as a primary school teacher in Kenya.

Abolishment of the P1 Certificate

The government has abolished the P1 certificate and replaced it with the Diploma Training program for primary school teachers.

Subsequently, TSC is recruiting new primary school teachers under job grade B5 and under job group G as it was previously the tradition for primary school teachers.

Grades J, K, L, M, and N were renamed C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5 in that order.

Important notes:

  • TSC employs new teachers every year but the dates are not specific
  • There is the main recruitment exercise where thousands of teachers are employed and a few other teachers are employed across the year when TSC fills the positions left vacant by teachers who have left the service through natural attrition.
  • Application has been preferrably via the online platforms especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can upload your documents via the TSC online portal and wait if there is an advertisement of any available positions. Hard copies to the commission are not necessary if you apply online
  • The age limit for TSC employment is 45 years. However, sometimes TSC employs teachers who are over 45 years of age on contractual terms. These individuals who are under contract can work up to when they are 65 years of age
  • The current number of teachers employed by TSC is just over 220,000 primary school teachers and 105,000 teachers working in secondary schools.
  • TSC employs special needs teachers. All you need to do is to undergo special needs education (i.e for the visually and hearing impaired) in any accredited institution and also meet all the other necessary qualifications for primary teachers including age limit.

How to contact TSC

In case you have any issues concerning clarification concerning TSC recruitment or any other issues, you can contact the director of staffing at TSC using the following contact lines:

Telephone 1: 0202892193

Telephone 2: 0202892131

You can also write TSC an email via their official business email address: dirtm@tsc.go.ke

To keep track of the available positions, visit the TSC site www.tsc.go.ke on a regular basis. The TSC site will keep you abreast with anything concerning TSC recruitment.

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