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How to use a Computer to Study Effectively – Must Read

In today’s world, technology is applied in almost every field, and education is no exception. Since education is largely impacted by technology, it is necessary for both students and teachers to use the technological advancements that play a vital role in the learning environment. As far as education development is concerned, it is important for students to learn and make good use of computers in their daily lives.

If a computer is used effectively, students can become more confident, creative, and better thinkers both in their student and professional lives.

Here are five different ways of how students can use computers to study effectively in their lives:

PowerPoint Slides

If you have a computer, then you can create a PPT presentation on your own. You can create a presentation of an interesting topic for self-learning or upload it to the class web page where other students can also see and learn from it. You can also create presentations for speech or various school programs. Create a special folder in a computer with the name of the subject or topic and save those slides there. It would be much easier for you to understand your notes. Also, during the exam time, you can quickly go through the slides instead of revising all the syllabus.

Online Discussion Forums

Being a student, if you have access to the internet, you can also join different online discussion forums where you can discuss course-related topics. Students can ask questions and contribute to the discussion. Everyone has equal opportunities to be heard and connect with other classmates and professionals and ask studies related questions. Online discussion is especially more beneficial to introverted students, as it can be less intimidating than speaking in front of the class.

Create an E-mail

Students can create their email ids so their instructor or teacher can provide them updates and reminders if there is something important. They can also use email to send and receive notes from their class fellows instead of getting them photocopied. Using your account, you can also email your fellow students and teachers and communicate them if there is some urgency.

Course Web Pages

Students can use the computer to compile their bundle of pages for each course that includes the syllabus, class schedule, assignments, study notes, class discussion, presentation, and test papers, etc. You can create a separate folder and save these pages. During the exam, you need to open the respective folder and go through the notes conveniently.

Save Notes

Students can work in groups and use their computers to create notes on their group’s discussions. They don’t need to use poster paper or handwritten overhead transparencies for this purpose. The discussion notes and important points can be shared with the whole class by using the computer or laptop of the instructor.


Now the computer is a vital gadget for every student. With such a vast usage of computers, it has become necessary that each person should have the knowledge to use a computer. It is not only helpful in personal studies and teaching but is applicable to nearly every field and aspect of life.

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