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How Teachers Can Become Better Using Google

The Internet, and particularly search engines such as Google, is one of the best gifts that the world has ever received. Everyone, irrespective of their industry can reap incredible benefits from Google. Teachers who have interacted with Google in their line of work are among the greatest benefactors.

Have you been using this search engine? If not, you cannot begin to imagine what you’ve been missing. Needless to say, starting to do something right is never too late. In this post, you will learn four significant ways through which you can become a better teacher, thanks to Google.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Learning

Do you love to engage your students on virtual trips? If yes, Google expeditions will come in handy. Begin by downloading the Google Expeditions app on Play Store. The setup process demands minimal requirements. Online excursions allow teachers to acquaint their students with new methods of learning via virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Thanks to VR and AR, you will no longer be limited to the classroom space. VR allows the virtual exploration of the world. On the other hand, AR livens up abstract concepts. This way, teachers can guide students using collections of 3D objects and 360◦ scenes, which permit them to point out fascinating artifacts and sites during the lesson.

Learn From Teachers across the Globe

They say that learning never stops. There is always something you can learn from another teacher. As such, if you are keen on finding out how other teachers are improving their classroom experiences, make YouTube for Teachers, one of your best friends. Check out the video resources and establish fresh ways of becoming a better teacher. There are so many new things you can learn from this resource that you will be spoilt for choice.

Emerging Trends

A teacher, and by extension students, need to stay up to date on what’s happening around the world. Stay informed on cultural and educational trends and other areas of interest through Google Trends.

Insert your term or topic of interest in the box provided at the top and then hit the search icon. From there, you can see the issues that are trending, and in turn, make informed decisions on these areas as a teacher.

When you are adequately informed, you can bring out the best in your students. Try involving your students in the analysis of emerging trends in different fields. This teaching method helps teachers to raise intelligent and very knowledgeable students who are confident in their capabilities. These students go on to change the world in unmatchable ways.

Obtain Online Certifications

At Google’s Teacher Center, you learn a couple of things that will improve your teaching experiences. For instance, you obtain device training to help you use android tablets and Chromebooks in the classroom. You may also register for the Certified Trainer Course. The course makes you a better trainer as far as the delivery of inspiring lessons is concerned.

To exhibit mastery at the right level for you, consider pursuing the two educator certifications at the Teacher Center. The beauty of these certification programs is that you can learn at your pace and take the exams when you feel adequately prepared. To learn more about this, visit the Teacher Center.

These are just some of the ways through which a teacher can improve their skills and in turn, keep doing better at what they do best. Do not remain with the knowledge and skills you gathered during your college years. Make good use of Google and henceforth get rid of boredom in your teaching profession.

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