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High Court Stops UoN from Making Administrative Changes

The University of Nairobi (UoN) has suffered a huge blow after the High Court of Kenya stopped the institution from effecting major changes that Vice-Chancellor Stephen Kiama had announced.

Today the 22nd of July 2021, Justice Maureen Onyango granted conservatory orders after the Universities’ Academic Staff (UASU) filed a lawsuit.

Justice Onyango certified the case as urgent and also observed that the raised issues should be resolved expeditiously. Lawyer Titus Koceyo was the one who led the lawsuit at the high court.

UoN had announced on the 9th of July that the council had begun radical reforms in governance that will affect current structures and systems in the institution.

In the institution’s Strategic Plan 2019-2024, the university abolished five deputy vice-chancellor offices and replaced them with two associate vice-chancellors so as to reduce expenditure.

The Chairperson to the Council Julia Ojiambo said that the roles that the five offices were having initially would have to be merged to avoid overlapping in the roles.

“Some of the abolished positions are five offices of the deputy vice-chancellors replaced by two positions of associate vice-chancellors,” revealed Julia Ojiambo.

In his ruling, Onyango ordered Koceyo to serve respondents with the papers of the lawsuit in order for them to file responses.

“Due to the constitutional and fundamental issues raised in this petition by UASU which touch on the core structure of the university, a conservatory order is hereby issued suspending the implementation of the proposed changes,” added Julia Ojiambo.

Due to the ruling the offices abolished will stay until the case is determined in court.

The positions of principals and deputy principals were also done away with.

Under the new executive and associate deans, UoN had reorganized roles to match the faculties where teaching and learning take place.

Besides, the council had abolished 24 constituent colleges and reorganized all functions in facilities reduced to 11 to avoid functional overreach.

Through UASU, lecturers moved to court on Monday the 19th of July where they sought conservatory orders against Kiama, the UoN, and the Council to bar them from effecting the proposed governance reforms.

In UASU’s view, the UoN Council did not guide the Vice-Chancellor on the reforms he wanted to effect.

Besides, the lecturers said that thousands of workers were facing the threat of losing jobs due to the reforms.

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