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Government Warns Parents and Students Interfering with Teen Pregnancies Cases

The Government has sent stern warning to parents, students and guardians who take an interest in meddling with how teen pregnancy cases are handled in schools.

Tending to the press in her office, the Migori County Director of Education (CDE), Mrs Elizabeth Otieno, said the government is there to realize courses of action and won’t allow a couple of parents and portion of students to intefere with the laid down legal framework on handling pregnancy cases.

“We will not empower schools to change rules and policies while dealing with declared occasions of early pregnancies”, said the director.

The County Director referenced a case at Bishop Okinda Achuth Secondary School in Uriri Sub-County where structure four students ganged with gatekeepers against instructive board of management while endeavoring to address extending cases of early pregnancies.

She said that a huge part of these cases uncovered in the school included candidates themselves who will sit for the KNEC exams one month from now.

“Most of these cases are including learners themselves especially those between form 3 and 4, and in class 6 to 8 in primary,” Ms Otieno said.

The negative truth is that a bit of the parents who ought to accept accountability for their youths are supporting sexual relations in schools and even connect in some way or another in such associations making it difficult for the schools to solve the problem.

“Our regret is that on that social event we found that a part of the parents are furthermore connected with these relations and not set up to check out anything reaching their youths about the issue,” she said.

The Kenya News Agency KNA, reported that on Friday, the police were forced to disperse a group of 4 students and parents at Bishop Okinda Achuth after their undertaking to control the board to recognize their solicitations over illegal relations.

The rowdy students were sent home and will be readmitted in class in the wake of fitting in with school conditions as demonstrated by CDE.

The governments warning comes in the wake of numerous reported incidences of students ignoring advice given by schools.

One such case is of an incident where 13 school young girls at Mteza primary school from Mbuguni area in Matuga Sub County of Kwale are accounted for to have left school for marriage.

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