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Criteria for Choosing the most suitable Operating System for your Laptop or Computer

In our contemporary world, there are always many item brands involved in almost every aspect of life. In a supermarket, for example, you can have more than four or five choices of sugar brands. The same applies to technology. Choosing the best quality depends on your knowledge of the product at stake. We are blessed with a myriad of software on the internet, which makes our lives easier, simpler, and faster altogether.

The modern age of computers has come a long way. From large-sized heat emitting computers to those we can now comfortably walk around within our pockets without much fuss.

Before we go far let us start with the meaning of today’s topic. By defining what is an Operating system?

What is an OS? 

An Operating system is what helps the user to be able to interact with computer hardware. Computer hardware refers to the physical or tangible components of a computer system. It runs important applications on your computer device and manages hardware resources conveniently to meet the particular desires of the user.

There is always the debate as to which of the available Operating Systems is the best. Besides, understanding the difference between Everyday OS and Server OS is key in settling this discussion.

A server OS is more expensive and by far in this aspect as compared to ordinary OS. They can connect many desktops because they are able to utilize network resources better as compared to everyday OS. They also have a greater memory capacity and can act as universal servers for services like emails, web and databases.

An “Everyday OS” on the other hand offers services such as running programs like Microsoft Office applications and even playing video graphic intensive games. They use Local Area Network and Bluetooth. It is also relatively cheaper as compared to server OS.

We will discuss operating systems based on the above criteria first (server OS vs ‘Ordinary OS)

Best OS Based on Personal Use:

The common Mac OS and Windows Operating systems are a better option in this aspect. It is wise not to buy a very expensive and powerful Operating System that will exceed your need. Even if that OS will still fulfill the desired intention, it will eat into your pocket a lot. However, in gaming terms, Windows Operating Systems are more optimized for gaming. Besides, it remains to be seen whether some features for gaming in many an antivirus can bridge the gap in this regard for Mac OS.

Best OS Based on Speed

Linuz based Operating Systems are the fastet because they are “not bulky”. They are light and therefore they do not take a long time to execute. This means that Linux based OS does not need a powerful processor as it is the case for Windows based OS.

Examples of these Linux based OS are:

  • Fedora
  • CentOS server
  • Ubuntu Server

Best OS based on Price:

In terms of price, the OS price can be determined by various factors. Some OS are free and are a good option for users who cannot afford to pay a lot of money to acquire an OS. Some of these Operating systems include Haiku, Linux, Free BSD, ReactOS, Chrome OS and Syllable, Android, and MorphOS.

Free OS
Was launched in the beginning as Windows 95 clone
It is free and runs on many devices
Chrome OS
Runs on devices like chrome books and other low cost and a few high end computers)laptops)
Free BSD
Related to Linux, is the modern day Berkeley Software Distribution.
For small businesses and home users

OS Market Share

The market popularity scope of OS based on research carried out by Teacher.co.ke in Kenya is as follows.

Market Share
Mac OS

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