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Constitution of Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA)

The following is the full Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) Constitution.


1.            NAME

The name of this Association shall be The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA), here in after referred to as The Association.


(a)          To promote and encourage games and sports within secondary schools in Kenya.

(b)          To coordinate and organize all secondary schools sports activities in conjunction with Regional Secondary Schools Sports Association.

(c)           To liaise, organize and execute all international sports competitions involving all secondary schools in Kenya through the approval and cooperation of the Ministry of Education.

(d)          To promote regional and international competitions involving secondary schools.

(e)          To be responsible for maintenance of all international Rules and Procedures laid down by the respective International Associations/Federations covering all the games and sports undertaken in Kenya.

(f)           To work under the overall supervision of the Director Field Co-ordination and Co curricula Activities, Ministry of Education, and liaise with the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association.

(g)          To identify, nurture and promote sporting talent in students and teachers.

(h)          To raise funds and solicit for sponsorship for the achievements of the objectives stated above.

(i)            To organize National Championships in sports.

(j)           To promote National cohesion and integration.

(k)          To empower Coaches, Referees and Officials through capacity building.

3.            MEMBERSHIP

All secondary schools in Kenya registered with the Ministry of Education are eligible for membership of this Association through affiliation with the regional branches.

4.            AFFILIATION

All secondary schools are affiliated to KSSSA through their, Sub-County, County and Regional Secondary Schools Sports Associations. However, private secondary schools will have to pay an affiliation fee to their respective Sub-County/County Secondary Schools Sports Associations. The Regional bodies are directly affiliated to the Association. These regions are:

a)            Central

b)            Coast

c)            Eastern

d)            Nairobi

e)            North Eastern

f)             Nyanza

g)            Rift Valley

h)            Western

5.            THE PATRON

(a)          The Patron of the Association shall be the Director Field Coordination and Co Curricula Activities Ministry of Education, here in after referred to as the Director.

(b)          The Regional Coordinator of Education shall be the Patron of the Regional Secondary Schools Sports Association.

(c)           The County Director of Education shall be the Patron of the County Secondary Schools Sports Association.

(d)          The Sub – County Director of Education/D.E.O shall be the Patron of the Sub-County Secondary Schools Sports Association.


(a)          The Association’s Full council shall comprise:-

(i)            The Executive committee of the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association.

(ii)           Three elected representatives (the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) from each of the Regional Secondary Schools Sports Association.

(iii)          One coordinating CQASO from each of the Regions, elected by other CQASOs, who shall have no powers to vote.

(iv)         Two representatives from the Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards, Ministry of Education, who shall have no powers to vote.

(v)          Two technical officers from the Directorate of Field Coordination and Co curricula Activities.

(b)          The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee which shall comprise:-

(i)            The Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and nine committee members (at least 5 should be teachers). Five of the Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and four co-opted at the discretion of the Executive Committee), one Executive Officer who shall be the Director’s representative and a deputy.

(ii)           The Chairman, Vice-chairman, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall be Principals elected during the KSSSA Annual General Meeting. Such Principals shall have demonstrable knowledge in sports. The Secretary and Assistant Secretary shall be teachers involved in games who are not principals. Deputy Principals who are already serving as Secretaries can defend their seats.

(iii)          The Executive Committee of the Association may appoint sub-committees such as technical, organization and finance etc, so may the affiliates. The decisions arrived at by the sub-committee must be approved by the Executive Committee. Only the AGM can change long term and structural issues.

(iv)         Any office bearer who resigns, retires from teaching or is interdicted automatically ceases to be an office bearer of the Association. In the event that a Principal is demoted while serving in the position of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer or Vice Treasurer he/she shall automatically relinquish the position. He must hand over within seven working days to the Executive Committee, which shall then appoint a member from within to act until the next AGM, except the Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary whose assistant shall automatically takeover and in the case of interdiction, until the case is determined or the term of office

lapses. In case the secretary or vice secretary is promoted to principal, he/she relinquishes the post and becomes an executive member

(v)          The office bearers shall serve in the Region, County or Sub-County where they are teaching.

(vi)         The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of KSSSA and its affiliates shall relinquish any other elective position at respective lower level and are eligible for co-option.

(vii)        Any principal holding a position in the Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association will not be eligible for election as an official in KSSSA.


(a)          THE CHAIRMAN shall

(i)            Chair all the Executive Committee, Full Council and Annual General Meetings.

(ii)           Represent the Association in all fora related to sports.

(iii)          Participate in budget making.

(iv)         The Vice-chairman shall perform the duties of the chairman in his absence and any other duties delegated to him by the chairman.

(b)          THE SECRETARY shall

(i)            Deal with the correspondences of the Association under the general supervision of the Executive. In case of urgent matters where the committee cannot be consulted, he shall consult with the Chairman or the Vice-chairman, Treasurer or Executive Officer. The decision reached thus shall be subject to ratification or otherwise at the next Executive Meeting.

(ii)           Be the official spokesman of the Association on all official matters in consultation with the chairman.

(iii)          Issue notices of convening all meetings and shall be responsible for keeping minutes of such meetings and for the presentation of all records of proceedings of the Association.

(iv)         Compile and present results during the national championships.

(v)          Prepare an annual report of the Association’s activities and present such during the AGM.

(vi)         Shall coordinate the smooth running of the National and other International KSSSA Championships.

(vii)        The Assistant Secretary shall perform the duties of the Secretary in his absence and any other duties delegated to him by the secretary.

(c)           THE TREASURER shall

(i)            Receive, under the directions of the Executive Committee, all its funds and disburse them according to the decisions of the Committee.

(ii)           Preserve all authentic vouchers and records of such receipts and expenditure.

(iii)          At all times safe-guard the monetary assets of the Association in a bank recommended by the committee except for the amount such as imprest which shall be authorized by the Committee.

(iv)         Produce a true record of the audited statements of receipts and expenditures of the Association during the Annual General Meetings.

(v)          Ensure that all assets of the Association are preserved in a secure form.

(vi)         Four officials shall be signatories to the KSSSA account(s), namely the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Officer.

(vii)        The signature of the Executive Officer shall be mandatory and any other two named in (vi) above may authorize for withdrawal.

(viii)       The Assistant Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in his absence and any other duties delegated to him by the Treasurer.


The Committee shall have the following functions and roles:-

(i)            Liaising with the Ministry of Education, determine convenient dates and confirm the host region. The KSSSA shall have the final say in confirming the venue in the host region.

(ii)           Determine the number of players in each team/event.

(iii)          Together with the Full Council members, fix the date of the secretaries’ meeting in the host region at least seven days before the date of the competition.

(iv)         Arrange the draws for each game during the Full Council Meeting.

(v)          Arrange, supervise and advice on all technical matters, especially regarding rules and regulations, umpiring and officiating.

(vi)         Invite the Chief Guest in liaison with the Ministry of Education.

(vii)        Carry out public relations for National championships.

(viii)       Arrange for the opening and closing ceremonies.

(ix)         Distribute the final results to all regions.

(x)          Ensure and implement all decisions made on discipline matters at such championships.

(xi)         Organize referees and umpires clinics.

(xii)        Discipline an Executive Committee member, Games teachers, officials and /or participants for misconduct.

(xiii)       If the National Executive Committee ceases to operate effectively, the Patron/Director shall intervene.

9.            MEETINGS

(a)          Executive Committee Meetings

(i)            The Executive Committee shall meet at all times when the matters of the Association require attention. It shall meet at least three times in a year

(ii)           The quorum for all Executive committee meetings shall be 10 (ten) members and the decision of the majority present shall be final. If the quorum is not realized at any committee meeting, the chairman shall summon a follow-up meeting within 14 (fourteen) days during which the quorum shall be the number of Committee members present.

(iii)          Any member of the Executive Committee who absents himself from three consecutive meetings without prior apology and proper reasons shall cease to be a member of the Executive Committee.

(iv)         The Executive Committee may invite any person to a meeting if necessary and that the person shall not cast any vote.

(v)          Issues/deliberations of the Executive and its Sub-committees shall remain confidential. Only the secretary General shall release information on behalf of the committee.

(vi)         Any member who divulges executive/sub-committee information shall be suspended.

(b)          Annual General Meetings and Elections

(i)            The Association shall have Annual General Meeting once every year.

(ii)           Elections of office bearers to the Executive Committee shall be done after every five years during the Annual General Meeting, with effect from 2017.

(iii)          Each Regional Association shall be required to send three delegates: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who should not attend by proxy and must have been elected at the Regional AGM and one RC’s representative who shall have no voting rights.

(iv)         Regions which will not have done the elections before the National AGM shall automatically be disqualified from participating in elections.

(v)          All regions shall be represented in the Executive Committee.

(vi)         The Chairman shall call an Extra-ordinary meeting should need arise.

(vii)        Elected Officials shall serve a maximum of two terms of 5 years in the same capacity (position), starting from 2017 elections.

(c)           The Annual General Meeting shall have the powers to:-

(i)            Ratify or otherwise any amendments in the constitution.

(ii)           Issue the calendar of events

(iii)          Check the financial assets and liabilities of the Association and make recommendations.

(iv)         Approve or otherwise the decisions of the Executive Committee.

(v)          Remove and replace Executive Committee members if and when such become necessary.

(vi)         Decide on the overall policy on all national, regional and international competitions in liaison with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

(vii)        Agree or disagree to join or withdraw from any other body.

(viii)       At the request of two thirds of the members of the Executive Committee, a Special Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held to enforce the above powers of the Annual General Meeting. Such a request shall be in writing and duly signed by the said members to reach the Executive Committee through the Secretary or the Chairman, 21 days before the dates of such meetings.

(ix)         A two-thirds majority at the General meetings as mentioned above shall make all decisions.

(x)          Voting shall be by secret ballot.

(xi)         All general meetings shall have a quorum on the following basis: Half of the members of the Full council or two delegates from at least two-thirds of the regions plus three members of the Executive Committee who shall not be the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.

(xii)        Full Council Meetings shall be held during all National Championships. The quorum for such meetings shall be five regions.

(xiii)       All regions must submit their reports in writing of the preceding year and AGM minutes to the Executive Committee of KSSSA copied to the Director.


(a)          The structure of the games shall be decided upon by the AGM of the Association. Any change must be ratified by the AGM. As at present, during first term of every year, The Association and its affiliates shall organize Swimming, Hockey, Basketball, Cross Country (boys and girls), Decathlon, Heptathlon and Rugby 15s (boys only). During term 2A it shall be Athletics, Handball, Netball (girls only), Rugby 7s (boys only) and soccer under 16 for both boys and girls. Term 2B, it shall be Ball and Racquet games: Soccer, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, Badminton and Table Tennis (boys and girls).

(b)          (i) The rules and regulations governing all Secondary Schools Sports and Games shall be those, which are followed by National Association/Federations in such sports affiliated to Kenya National Sports Council.

(ii)           In case of a conflict, the KSSSA Championship Rules shall apply, since this is part of Ministry of Education.

(iii)A changed rule or a new rule shall be implemented in Secondary Schools’ National competitions once the communication has been passed to the regions.

(c)           A new game or sport may be added to the existing calendar of The Association only if

two-thirds of the regions approve of it during the Annual General Meeting, and ratified by the Ministry of Education.


(a)          Soccer, Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Handball, Rugby, Hockey, Table Tennis and Badminton shall be from a school representing the Sub-County, County, and Region. Regions may enter composite teams in Athletics, Cross-country, Lawn Tennis, Decathlon, Heptathlon and Swimming.

There shall be no defending champions in national competitions. In case a region fails to bring a team, the host region shall present an extra team for purpose of balancing the pools.

(b)          Players in all teams in all sports must be bona fide students who have stayed in their respective schools for at least 90 days before the start of the preliminaries at the Sub county level, except for Form one.

Preliminaries are deemed to begin nationally on 15th February. As such the latest date a student may join a school and be eligible is 15th November the previous year.

(c)           Form 5 students shall play after one (1) year, except continuing students in International Curriculum. Students who have sat for KCSE will not be considered as continuing students.

(d)          Any repeater who has sat national Exams will be governed by the 90 days rule.

(e)          Any repeater at any level shall not be eligible to play in the year of repeating.

(f)           A student may participate in KSSSA or its affiliate organized championships for a maximum of six continuous years after sitting for KCPE, but must observe d & e above.

(g)          All competitors and team players must carry:

i)             Their school identity cards,

ii)            A copy of KCPE certificate duly certified by the Principal (result slip only accepted for form one).

iii)           A list of the team players/students written on the School Letter head, certified by the Principal

iv)           A group photo including the head of the institution both signed and certified by the Head of the school.

v)            A copy of Birth Certificate certified by the Principal

vi)           Photo Album certified by the Principal.

N/B:1   The school’s ID Card and team list must indicate the name, admission number, date of admission, date of birth, class and KCPE year.

2              In case of transfer of a student, it should be indicated in the ID, date of transfer and school transferred from.

3              In case of repeaters, it should be clearly indicated in the ID, the year of repeating and class.

4              The school stamp must touch both the photo and the card and must not obscure the face. All these must be presented during Sub-County, County, Regional as well as the National competitions.

NB: a) Date refers to Day, Month and Year

b)            Composite teams will not require a group photo with the Head of institution.

5              International transfers shall be guided by the rule on repeaters in 11(e) above, i.e shall participate after one year.

6              Students transferring from one school team to another school team shall

not exceed two (2), if more than two, then all will not be eligible to play for a period of one year.

7.            There shall be a declaration form to be signed by the principal and coach, that the players presented are bonafide students of their school. This will be submitted to the CDE for endorsement. In case of cheating, the principal carries the greatest responsibility.


(a)          Regional Secondary Schools Sports Association shall have jurisdiction on all matters regarding sports activities in their respective regions. The KSSSA Executive Committee shall intervene or take necessary actions in the activities of the regions if at least half of the elected members of the concerned region committee make a written request to do so.

(b)          The Coordinating County Director of Education can only intervene or take over the running of the Regional Sports Association, if the body has failed to run the Association or if two-thirds of the elected members of the regional body request to do so.

(c)           The Regional Associations shall have complete authority in all matters and disputes arising from within. The KSSSA shall only advice on technical matters.

(d)          The KSSSA may step into the affairs of the regional body if:

(i)            The Coordinating County Director of Education requests for such action.

(ii)           The Regional Heads Association requests for such action.

(iii)          The regional body ceases to operate effectively.

(e)          Regional/County/Sub-County/Ward associations may have their own clauses relevant to their background inserted in the constitution, without touching on the structural and technical aspects of this constitution. In the event such clauses are inserted, the revised copy should be sent to KSSSA, Regional Associations respectively for ratification or otherwise before being implemented

(f)           Regional Executive Committee shall submit correct documents during Secretaries meeting, failure to which disciplinary action may be preferred.

(g)          Regions shall strive to nominate qualified referees to Nationals, preferably those who officiated regional semi-finals or finals.

(h)          The Regional Co- curricular Activities Management Committee will among other duties mobilize resources to fund the regional competitions and other expenses to be incurred at National level.


Clause 12 above shall apply accordingly.


(a)          In the event of any indiscipline concerning any school team (teachers and students) at any of the KSSSA games, a constituted disciplinary committee shall sit and the decision made shall be ratified by the Executive Committee.

(b)          Any school banned from participating, her students will not be allowed to take part in that discipline at all KSSSA levels for a maximum period of two years

(c)           Any teacher banned from KSSSA shall be for a Maximum of three (3) years.

(d)          A ban on any school team/teacher evoked at the KSSSA games, will apply to all games organized by its affiliates in that discipline. This will apply to the teacher/student transferring to other schools.

(e)          A team/student without the required and authentic documents will be disqualified. No other document for verification will be entertained except those that had been availed by the Regional Secretary at start of the championship.

(f)           Complaints about eligibility of a player(s) by a team/region should be put in writing to KSSSA Secretary on the 1st and 2nd day of the championship. Any such complaint after the 2nd day shall be investigated after the championship through the office of the Director. However, if the allegations are found to be false by the investigating team, the complainant shall be liable to a fine of Kshs. 20,000/= (twenty thousand shillings only). The decision of the investigating team is final.

(g)          The Principal, Coach or Games teacher of the school fielding the team/student in 14(e) above will be disciplined by the office of the Director and Teachers Service Commission (TSC) after recommendations by the KSSSA Executive Committee.

(h)          The team/student thus disqualified during the championship will stand banned for the stipulated duration from the date of notice of the ban.

(i)            [g] Above does not interfere with any disciplinary action taken by Sub-county/county/regional body.

(j)           Any school/team/teacher discovered after the championship to have violated any of the above, stands to be disciplined accordingly.

(k)          The school/team/teacher/competitor so disciplined shall be allowed to appeal to the KSSSA Executive Committee within fourteen days from the date of notice of the ban. Copies of the action taken shall be forwarded to the Director, Teachers Service Commission and other relevant offices.

(l)            All affiliated schools and teams should give priority to fixtures arranged by the Sub-County, County, Regional and National Associations. Any contravention of this rule shall lead to disciplinary action being taken against the school/team by the body concerned.

(m)         A coach who is not a teacher in the school shall not sit on the bench or actively interfere with the game/team.

(n)          Sub-County/County/Regional or National Executive Committee may discipline a player, a teacher or a team at their respective competitions. Such disciplinary action may cover oral caution or expulsion from the competitions or the residential camp. Hierarchy of disciplinary action must be respected. Copies of the action taken should be forwarded to the Director and other relevant offices.

(o)          A region that fails to send a team to the National championships shall be fined 20,000/= (twenty thousand shillings) per team. Failure to comply, a serious action shall be taken by KSSSA against the region concerned.


(a)          A jury shall be constituted by The Association to make decisions on technical matters related to the ongoing games, whose decisions shall be ratified by the Executive Committee. Members of the jury from the affected regions shall not participate in that particular case being discussed. KSSSA shall appoint a replacement for that particular case.

(b)The decision of the Executive committee shall be in writing.

(c)           An appeal shall be made within 30 minutes after the end of the match in question, through an Executive Committee Member of the affiliate via the Commissar. The affected team(s) appealing to the jury shall pay a fee of Kshs. 5,000/= (five thousand) refundable if the case is won.

(d)          The decision of the Executive may be contested to the supreme jury within thirty minutes of the decision of the Executive. The re-appeal fee shall be 10,000/= (ten thousand) refundable if the case is won.

(e)The Supreme jury shall comprise:-

             The Chairman of Heads Association – National or host region

             Chairman KSSSA

             Host  RC or County CDE and TSC County director.

             Director’s representative (not the Executive Officer)

             Secretary – KSSSA (Convener)

(f)           Any team/player contesting the decision of the Supreme jury, shall appeal to the Patron. This shall be the final channel of appeal.

(g)          At lower levels, the channel of appeal shall be progressive, from Sub- County, if dissatisfied, to the County, then to Region, then to the National body (KSSSA) and finally to the Patron.

(h)          All aggrieved teams/players must exhaustively follow the appeal channel

in 15(a) to (g) above.

(i)            Any team that does not follow this channel, will have violated KSSSA rules and shall not be eligible to participate in KSSSA activities.


a)            A team that qualifies to represent Kenya in International or Regional competition, the same players shall be presented, and if some players are not available, then the Association shall withdraw the team/player and be replaced.

b)            A player from a team that qualified to represent Kenya in East African games shall not be allowed to participate in another game/discipline for that particular sports year.

17. BAN

Reasons warranting a team/player to be banned shall include:

a)            Fielding an ineligible player

i.              A student who has not met the 90 days rule

ii.             A student with faulty documents i.e details not matching in the ID, team list, photo album.

iii.            Not meeting the age rule – 19 years and under

iv.           Not meeting the six year rule after KCPE

v.            Not meeting the transfer rule

vi.           Not adhering to the international student transfer rule

vii.          Form four repeater

viii.         A student who registers for KCSE will be considered as having sat for exams hence ineligible.

b)            Indiscipline

i.              Fighting during the championships, whether one or more players involved the whole team will be banned.

ii.             Anybody who fights in the games village shall be expelled from the games village and the championship

iii.            Stealing

iv.           Roughing referees and officials

v.            Roughing the crowd and the opponents

c)            Carrying extra players to the games village.

d)            Any team/player(s) banned shall leave the games village immediately. Regional officials of the banned team/players shall enforce the evacuation.

18.          TROPHIES

(a)          Trophies must be returned by the concerned Regional Secretary to the KSSSA Treasurer at the opening ceremony, failure to which the affected region(s) shall not receive any trophy in the ongoing and subsequent championships.

(b)          Any damage/lost trophy shall be paid for or replaced by the concerned team/region before the games begin. The trophy shall not be exchanged with another.

(c)           A team may retain a trophy (except a commemorative one) for good after winning it for three consecutive years and KSSSA shall replace it. KSSSA shall declare the commemorative trophies.

(d)          Trophies won by the region (composite teams) shall be kept at the RC’s office.

19.          SPONSORSHIP

No individual member of the Sub-county, County, Region or National Secondary Schools Sports Association may collect money or other forms of material gifts without permission of the respective Executive Committee through the Director or his representative.


This shall be done by Sub-county, County, Regional Auditors or any other relevant Auditing Unit of the Ministry of Education at the end of every calendar year.


The rules herein embody all resolutions passed by the committee and approved by the General Meeting on all matters of the Kenya Secondary Schools Sports interests and shall be binding to all members of The Association through Sub-county, County and Regional Secondary Schools Sports Associations.

This Constitution was reviewed by a technical Committee meeting, in the Ministry of Education workshop organized to review all Co- curricular activities constitutions. The workshop was held on 24th to 25th February, 2017 at Kenya School of Government in Embu.


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