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City Hall disburses Sh. 457m to needy learners

At last, the 52,000 bright learners who are needy in Nairobi will now receive bursaries to boost their secondary education.

According to the County Education Executive Janet Ouko, the money that was intended to be disbursed in the financial year that ended on June 30, 2020, had been delayed because of wrangles at the County Government of Nairobi.

“We were not able to disburse bursaries during the 2019/2020 financial year due to various reasons which even you people know. There were challenges with the administration. But we have now been able to fast-track the process and we will be giving out the bursaries with immediate effect,” said Ms. Ouko.

The Executive assured that the county government operates two levels of bursaries which include the Executive or Governor’s bursary fund and the 297.5 million ward bursary funds.

“The ward bursary fund is administered by each ward representative with each ward getting Sh. 3.5 million that is disbursed to 700 beneficiaries, while for the executive bursary, We have 3,000 students enrolled under the programme where each gets between Sh. 45,000 and Sh. 53,000 as per the Ministry of Education fees guidelines and the beneficiaries are assured of support for the four years they will be in school,” says Ms. Ouko.

According to the County Education Executive, the area MCA with his bursary committee to identify the bright but needy learners from their wards to benefit from the Sh. 3.5 million. Every learner gets  Sh. 5,000 and is also given to the tertiary learners like those attending driving schools, hairdressing, and so on.

The Executive administers the Executive Fund on behalf of the governor. 1000 students who are bright but needy n public primary schools are considered.

“We take the top three from these schools unless those in the top three are not needy then we consider the next student to benefit working closely with the respective headteachers,” said the executive.

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