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Bipolar Patients Can be Good Teachers, Research Shows

What exactly is this Bipolar Condition?

Well, well, before justifying this statement, let us learn something about this condition. The bipolar condition usually has the following symptoms; dramatic mood swings. This can be categorized into excessive high moments during manic phases and deep lows during depressive times. When a patient is experiencing the manic phase, he or she gets a lot of anxiety and is irritable. During the depression phase, the person gets extremely sad, emotional unresponsiveness and exhaustion. The good thing is that this can be controlled by lithium medications and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Love and support from friends and family is always a great help too.

Bipolar patients deserve space in our workplaces, don’t they?

The major issue with us as a society is that we hardly give these people a chance in our workplaces. Many refer to them as crazy people. Seldom do employers allow them in their workplaces and if they are present, it is secretly.

In a research study done by Tremblay, Carol. (2011) and titled: Workplace accommodations and job success for persons with bipolar disorder, it was found that employers bias against bipolar patients.

The experiences of the survey participants regarding beneficial workplace accommodations may help to improve the productivity and well-being of other individuals with bipolar disorder

In another survey, bipolar patients were found to also excel in their careers when granted a chance. The research instituted conducting interviews whereby several testimonies were collected.

Most people mainly struggled with the social stigma. Studying also seemed quite difficult as their brain works differently from other people but they always excelled despite the struggle.

I am just like you! Am just a little different.

What we should consider is that these people hardly get violent. This creates a conducive environment for teaching and also a good working relationship.

Employers should be open-minded and give them a chance bearing in mind that they can tell when these symptoms are approaching. All they usually need is a day off to visit their psychologist and they will be fine.

Additionally, as long as the medications are being taken correctly, these mood swings do not prevail on a daily basis. This we must agree qualifies them for a teaching job too.

Interaction such as that present in classrooms is good for them as it reduces depression. Teaching is not a highly stressful job and thus befits them too.

Advice to bipolar teachers and other employees is that they should prepare what to wear the next day in the previous night so as to be fast in their preparations. This is because these mood swings attacks mostly occur in the morning.

Say no to stigma and embrace diversity!

These teachers should also not be posted for night duties as this will affect their sleeping cycle. Good night sleep is always good for them. It would be good to stick to this.

School administrators should also consider students with bipolar conditions in their schools.

Don’t you think having a teacher with a similar condition would ease on how to handle these kids?

Speaking from experience, there haven’t been any complaints about teachers with bipolar condition anywhere. Most students do not even realize it.

Keeping it a secret will definitely not help in any way as stigmatization will only increase but joining hands in raising awareness about this condition will make the world a better place.


1. Tremblay, Carol. (2011). Workplace accommodations and job success for persons with bipolar disorder. Work (Reading, Mass.). 40. 479-87. 10.3233/WOR-2011-1259.


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