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Why you’re not successful?


Why you’re not successful may be more on what you do as an individual rather than what you know as an educator.

Success by any definition remains a success, irrespective of who you define success. Though there are traits that benchmark at success.

For example, if you are a science teacher, we could measure your level of success by the number of students who succeed in your class.

Better still we could simply ask the learners, how well they find your subject, their opinion of you will state whether you are successful or not.

By looking at various personal traits one can easily and precisely tell why they aren’t successful at whatever they are working on

Precisely if any of the following are your traits, then your success rates are at the end of the triangle.

  1. You rarely speak unless you have something to say
  2. You have trouble accepting positive feedback
  3. You often feel like a fraud, to the point of being your worst critic

According to a scientific report, hiring humble people to positions of leadership is less damaging than hiring upbeat individuals.

Success is driven by charisma, confidence, and arrogance with the latter being more appealing to a point that rewards such individuals more than others.

A case in point is a woman will face a double-blind or lose-lose situation, if they are too assertive they are less likeable while when they are self-critical, humble, and caring, they can’t be considered for leadership positions.

This explains why in a perfect world two equally competent individuals can advance their careers with the less arrogant person being highly favoured.

However, in practice, the opposite becomes the reality as the most revered trait becomes a hindering trait as we punish humility rather than reward it.

Despite the desire by humanity to revere successful people being humble, those three traits revered by humility may be working against you in your career.

If you tick these three boxes, then the bad news is that your personality may be a big handicap to your career, even though it should be an asset. 

The world needs more people like you and fewer people with the opposite traits. You need to stay the same, and we need to find a way to fix the world. 

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