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Why your Tecno phone consumes a lot of data?

The core reason as to why your Tecno phone consumes a lot of data is as a result of the apps that come preinstalled on your device, this is according to new research.

As more is yet to be discovered, the devices used during this research were Tecno W2 and Tecno Y2.

With Tecno being branded as Africa’s favorite smartphone maker, it is currently valued at $4 billion

This comes as users complained that their data was being duplicated at a faster rate than normal.

Mores so whenever they loaded their airtime overnight it was all consumed by morning.

According to the research, the applications that consumed mobile data and also registered people for services they never knew about was found pre-installed on many Chinese smartphones meant for the African market due to their low-cost.

This comes exactly after two years after it was first detected the family of malware was discovered by a different research group.

These phones are commonly used in countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon and South Africa

The malware is known as Triada malware usually signs up mobile users for subscription services without their permission.

The devices that have been discovered to have this variant of malware are Tecno W2 smartphones

The research conducted by Secure-D, an anti-fraud platform, recorded more than 18 million suspicious transactions since its inception in March 2019 from more than 150,000 devices.

What is more worrying is the fact that the malware comes pre-installed and a user can’t uninstall it unless they root the device which may let to bricking.

More so, since these devices target mainly the low-income households everything that one may use against the industry is currently up against them and as such, they have to discard the phone or live with it as it is.
The Triada malware has been found to take advantage of the inherent weaknesses within the android system.

These vulnerabilities are when exploited by an application that system rights, in other words, once an app comes preinstalled on your device and has the permission to do what Triada does its game over for you.

Triada malware installs a piece of code known as xHelper onto compromised devices, automatically subscribing users without their knowledge to services that consume pre-paid airtime since it is the only way to pay for digital products in many developing countries.

It should be noted that the xHelper Trojan persists across reboots, app removals and even factory resets which makes it extremely difficult to deal with even for experienced professionals.

Something an average mobile user may find a challenge if experienced professionals fail.

The Secure-D’s investigation discovered a link to at least one of the xHelper components for fraudulent subscription requests in code and traffic data that was coming from Transsion’s Tecno W2 handset.

From the analysis carried out using phones of existing users and newly purchased handsets, there were no signs that the Triada malware affected mobile phones manufactured by Transsion.

The information on your device is no longer yours in such scenarios and the fact the device is technically no longer yours because someone is doing what you want your phone to do but you can’t do it.

The Chinese Company known as Transsion Holdings manufactures Android devices that dominate the African smartphone market.

This company of writing has a 41% share of that market; this is according to a market research firm IDC.

Transsion which is listed on China’s Stock Market has over the years ignored its home market and nearly produced smartphones exclusively for Africa.

In comparison to its rival namely, Samsung and apple Transsion sells cheaper and affordable handsets under the Tecno Mobile brand.

While the Tecno W2 is still available on the market as second-hand devices, Tecno Mobile confirmed that this was an old and solved mobile security issue globally that was fixed in March 2018.

Users have been asked to update their phones if they are experiencing difficulties which shall download the necessary update to fix the problem.
In case one is unable to do so they can contact the Tecno mobile after-sales support.

In a press release, Tecno Mobile stated that they have always attached great importance to consumers’ data security and products safety since every software that gets installed on each device runs through a series of rigorous security checks.

Besides, it stated that they started rolling out security updates periodically to mobile users.

In a classic blame game, this had been blamed on an “unidentified vendor in the supply chain process which is confirmed by the owners of Android.
According to a Google blog post of 2016, the Triada malware was attributed to the actions of third-party suppliers within the production process.

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