What Sets Successful Students Apart from Other Students


Education is something we all love to hate, it makes us as it breaks some of us.

Depending on the school that you go to, learning can be fun or turn into a dreadful process.

The core objective of learning is to acquire as much knowledge as possible with little or no friction during the process.

To be successful as a student at whatever age, one must have certain qualities, without which one is doomed to fail.

The following qualities are what make it easier to succeed as a student.


A student who believes that they can achieve anything they set their heart to, is more likely to achieve anything that they set their hands on.

By focusing on the long-term rather than the recent setbacks, a successful student sees an opportunity to build-up to their goal for every setback or lower grade they get.

They usually realize that setbacks are tools they can use to acquire new knowledge and advance to new levels, bringing them closer to their goals.

Time Management

Students who understand the vital element of time are likely to be more successful than their counterparts. This is because they will prioritize important projects first and unless they finish it, they won’t do anything else.

Mother nature has always created a sequence of how things are to be done in life, therefore,  we too should do things in a systematic way.

For example, if exams are to start in a week’s time, a good student will create a personal timetable. The timetable will spell out what he/she will do each day until the day exams begin.

Therefore,  the student will not worry at all about the exams. He/she won’t be panic-stricken or rush through things.

Setting Right Priorities

Successful students have mastered the art of setting the right activities for the right time. A student who wants to be successful will always have to do things at the time when he feels he’s most productive.

Whereas the majority of students only read or revise when asked to do so by the teachers, successful ones will instead do research on their own and or probably wake later in the night or early mornings to read, when it’s very quiet.

A good student may read in breaks or sessions. This keeps them motivated and on track.

As a student, you should remember that, as much as work is important,  sleep is too important.


It is said that curiosity killed the cat but made the mouse less smart.

By asking questions you understand more and in turn, become more knowledgeable about the subject that your learning.

Besides, you get one step ahead of those who don’t ask questions, because you get to know what the others don’t know.

Questions make it easier to relate to those who know. And Irrespective of what others may perceive of your quest for knowledge, questions will always work in your favor.

Successful Students

Read, Read and Read

If you read at every opportunity that comes your way, you increase your knowledge and make it easier to recall the facts.

By reading, you are technically reviewing the materials ahead of your friends.

You can read textbooks, flashcards, and quizzes, short-notes, etc.  While reading, you may jot down some points in the form of summarized notes and it will make it easier for you to recall the learned facts and concepts.

Before you get into reading, pick a suitable place. Choose a location where you are free from distractions and focus full attention on your studies. You can do this individually or in a group.

Group reading is usually the best since group studies have more recall factor. This means you can recall more information when you read with friends than when you read alone. Friends understand things differently and by sharing you are able to master facts quicker.


A self-motivated student knows what to do, when and how to do it.  The successful students don’t wait to be told on what to do or what to prioritize. They simply do according to the situation as long as it gets them closer to the goal.

For example, if you have a party and exams scheduled within the same week, a good student will prioritize exams over the party.

Whereas another student may opt to attend the party, the one who chooses to read for the exam has more joy and a higher sense of accomplishment when they pass their examinations.

Logically speaking, the above qualities are found in almost all students although in different measures. In successful students, however, these are the major qualities that define them. Anyone can become successful by simply embracing and adopting the qualities above.


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