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South Africa Adopts ‘Apple Teacher’ – the First of its Kind in Africa

South Africa is the first country in Africa to have embraced the Apple Teacher – a teacher program initiated by the Apple Company.

Apple introduced the Apple teacher, a program aimed at equipping the teacher with relevant tools and skills to make teaching enjoyable.

It is a known fact that schools that support the professional development of their teachers experience higher levels of student participation and engagement, with better learner outcomes. And schools that use technology both in class and out of class are seen as advanced and worthy there fees.

Using technology in the classroom has been a challenge for teachers and students.

It is therefore very important that teachers be taught how to use and maximize this type of technology. It is sufficient to say therefore that the role of technology is to address the critical challenges in education as long as the teachers are skilled about the process.

Through training teachers in the deliverance of iOS deployment courses, Apple is enabling the teacher to unlock the potential that was previously inaccessible.

Through the Apple Teacher program, teachers get skills and tools, which enables them to teach relevant skills students can use in and outside class.

Currently, Apple Teacher is in only three countries worldwide namely Switzerland, France, and Denmark, and now with the addition of South Africa.

Teachers use iPad and MacBook to access this free service and all the other necessary services.

During the course of the program, teachers are exposed to various teaching environments in which they can use technology.

This gives the teachers the opportunity to try different tools during the series of courses that are innovative and immersive for the learning experiences.

Teachers are encouraged to use different apps like Keynote, GarageBand when they are teaching the students especially the ideas of programming and code.

The objective of the program is helping teachers benefit from using Apple technology in every way during the learning process

Teachers can test the skills in Apple Teacher Learning Center, which has interactive quizzes once successful you get a badge which is more of an accolade identifier.

A teacher who completes the interactive quizzes is also officially recognized as Apple Teacher and given the Apple Teacher Certificate. This can further one’s opportunities to getting better jobs as they can add it to their CVs as an indication of proficiency.

Currently, there are over 120 schools in South Africa that have successfully integrated this technology in various classes which has enabled teachers to use new technology confidently and ultimately giving students richer learning experience.

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