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Islamic Religious Education Notes for Form Four


Distinctive Features of the Qur’an In form two, we learnt that Allah (SWT) revealed various scriptures to different generations. Can you identify some of these scriptures? We also learnt the reasons why humankind needed divine guidance. Can we remind ourselves some of these reasons? You will realise that the main purpose of all the revealed scriptures was to guide humankind to the path of Allah (SWT). It is important to note that all the revealed scriptures have certain similar characteristics. Can you mention some of these characteristics? The characteristics you have mentioned differentiate the revealed scriptures of Allah (SWT’s) from all other books written by human beings. Among the characteristics of revealed scriptures such as Taurat, Zabur, suhuf, Injil and Qur’an are as follows:
· They were revealed by Allah (SWT).
· They teach Tawheed (Monotheism).
· They were sent to specific umma (nations) apart from the Qur’an which was sent to the entire humankind.
Answer the following questions and activity in your I.R.E revision exercise books.
1. a) Outline the early life of Imam Ghazal
b) State Imam Ghazal contribution to education
2. Identify the Ten rules of conduct by Imam Ghazal
3. Outline the contributions of Shehu Uthman Dan Fodio to the development of Islam
Using a table summarize the literary works of Imam al Ghazali and Uthman Dan Fodio.
· They guide humankind on good morals and condemn immoral practices.
· Their message is simple, clear and straight forward.
· They were revealed through the Prophets. In this chapter, we are going to study the unique and distinctive features of the Qur’an that distinguish it from the revealed scriptures we have mentioned earlier.
· The Qur’an is the speech of Allah (SWT) revealed in its precise meaning and wording.
· It was revealed for the entire Alamin (mankind, jinns and other creations).
· It has unique themes that have been integrated in different surahs (chapters).
· The literal style of the Qur’an is different from other books.
· It challenges humankind to come up with a book equal to the Qur’an. Allah (SWT) has vowed to protect the Qur’an from any form of corruption or human interference. Allah (SWT) says, “We have, without doubt, send down the message; And we will
assuredly guard it (from corruption).” [Q15:9]