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How to write a great literature review

How to write a great literature review is important for students who are working on their research papers and subject review.

While literature reviews are seen as important resources for the audience because they provide context about the subject matter.

These reviews also offer a glimpse into the possibilities of the future, thus they are a source of inspiration for research

While literature review may not be a skill or lesson taught in classes, it is necessary to learn what constitutes a great literature review 

In the era of computers and app, it may tricky for one to choose the right software to use, though this may boil down to what is convenient.

How to write a great literature review;

  1. Refrain from using complex words
  2. Understand the subject matter
  3. Design a plan that suits your style
  4. Try to visualize your content
  5. Stay updated and be open to suggestions
  6. Make good use of technology

While these tips make your literature review stand out, you must understand what needs to be done and do that.

Refrain from using complex word

While your research may be a quick way of proving what you know, it is also another way of sharing your knowledge with other people.

It is very easy to be tempted to use jargons and complex words that will distract the readers, refrain from using complex words.

A review should offer a more focused discussion and not distract your readers; it should explain the basic concepts for someone new to the field. 

Understand the subject matter

Ask yourself the question, why do I need to write a literature review, what problem am I addressing, in other words, what is the purpose of this review.

Your reasons for writing allow you to provide insights into the community and identify opportunities for further research. 

As a side effort, you benefit by learning soft skills such as project management and leadership, especially for lead authors.

Design a plan that suits your style

While it may be easy to be overwhelmed by what you have to include in the review, it may be much easier if you break it into small manageable tasks.

Keeping abreast with trends may become complicated once you don’t have a plan, you may find new information getting you to the edge.

For example, you could ask your friends for help with proofreading, while asking your peers to also review your insights

Try to visualize your content

Human beings are visual; they easily understand things when they see them, visualizing your content may make it easier to understand.

For example, while talking about ping of death and why it won’t work, you could show a website being affected and how ping of death won’t work.

Stay updated and be open to suggestions

Stay updated and be open to suggestions you could use services such as Google alerts which send you alerts whenever someone writes something about the subject.

Such an approach makes your review fresh and updated to the readers, while it may be overwhelming to keep abreast with the latest trends

Make good use of technology

For example tools such as Google alerts that send you the latest updates about a subject make it way easier to keep up with your field.

Besides, you could use tools such as the ones listed during your research, to write a great literature review.

Here are some of the tools you could use during your research;

For reference generation 

  1. Mendeley
  2. Zotero
  3. Paperpile

For collaborative research paper;

  1. Manubot
  2. Overleaf
  3. Google Docs
  4. References

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