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How to Share files from Android to Windows

How to Share files from Android to Windows is no longer as complicated as it was when Android was still called Kit kate.

Sharing files between an Android device and Windows isn’t as challenging as it once was, now using only apps such as ES File Explorer, Xender and AirDroid you can easily share files over Wi-Fi with ease. 

Previously, for one to share a file from their android device, they had to use a USB cable or send the files via email and other services.

Apart from using telegram, which by the way is a much super cool method of sharing files you can use Xender.

With the freedom that developers have and their creativity, it is now possible for you to share files wirelessly.

However, ES File Explorer provides one of the quickest and most efficient ways to do so.

ES File Explorer, besides, can help you manage the files on your local Android device. 

Beginning from version 3, ES File Explorer has LAN support abilities; which make it possible to share files with a Windows PC over Wi-Fi. 

To share files between your Android device and a Windows PC using ES File Explorer, you may have to change a few things. However, you can follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Connect your PC and Phone to the same Network

If you are using your phone as a hotspot, connect the PC to the wireless Point else ensure that both are on the same network either way.

Step 2: Create a shared folder on your Windows PC. 

For example, create a folder named “SmartPhone Files”, and then right-click and change the permission and make sure the permissions are set for reading/write access. 

Step 3: In ES File Explorer on your Android device, tap the menu icon in the upper-left-hand corner, then navigate to Network > LAN. 

Step 4: On the menu at the bottom, tap “Search” to look for available network shares on your LAN. 

You will see a list of all devices that are currently connected to the network with their IP address. If you don’t see any, make sure that your Android device and the Windows computer are connected to the same local network and try again. 

Step 4: Tap on the icon having your PC, then enter your Windows username and password. 

Step 5: After your shared folder appears, you can begin sharing files back and forth using ES File Explorer. 

ES File Explorer isn’t the only way to share files over Wi-Fi, but it’s a popular utility that you’re likely to have on your Android device anyway, so you’d as well give it a try.

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Notice: ES File Explorer was banned from google play store, but you can access it from this link. You may use apps such as Xender if you can access the link.

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