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How to secure your Facebook account

How to secure your Facebook account even after the different data breaches that it has faced is possible though it requires more time.

Online accounts are all vulnerable even with the most robust cybersecurity infrastructure; no system is 100% safe.

Even newbie hackers can infiltrate your account given the means and the know-how, one can easily hack any Facebook account thus expose their private messages.

However, by implementing certain things you could prevent this from happening, with your data becoming more vulnerable, you must do the following;

Use a password manager to store and create passwords

A password manager can create a very long and complex password which would make it hard to hack while making it easy to recall the passwords for all sites.

Technically speaking a password having 9 characters has over 1000 possible combinations which make it harder for hackers to brute force.

You could use Chrome if you’re an android user given that Google has implemented an automatic password generator that pops up every time you need to create a password. 

Make your Facebook email address private

Given that your email address is a gateway to several other accounts apart from Facebook, you must hide it from everyone.

In a scenario that you use the same password for all your accounts, it would be game over once it gets hacked.

To make your email address private do the following;

  1. Open your profile settings 
  2. Click on the about tab
  3. Select Contact and Basic Information.
  4. Click on the edit icon next to your email and set Facebook Privacy Settings as only me.

Log Out of Old Devices

Despite repeated warnings, a user never understands the importance of having only one login device active.

Always makes sure that you log out every single device that you have logged in from. This makes it difficult for anyone with access to such devices.

Its easier to log out of such devices by following the procedure below;

  1. Access the Settings and Privacy menu
  2. Select Security and Login.
  3. Select the old devices you want to be logged out and then select Logout.

It’s also important to note that prolonged VPN usage will lead to a temporary Facebook ban

Avoid clicking on links from unknown sources.

Phishing accounts for the largest number of hacked Facebook accounts, due in part to ignorance about phishing and how it works.

Phishing is done by creating a fake account that mimics a well-known company or a person and users are sent links that may contain malware or redirect to a fake page where they’ll enter their login credentials. 

Such entered details are then used by the creators for identity theft, blackmail, and a lot of other bad stuff.

You can easily identify a phishing attempt by observing the following;

  1. The e-mail sender doesn’t refer you by name
  2. Hover over links to see the true URL
  3. E-mail message content has spelling errors and typos
  4. The messages request sensitive information

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