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How to increase your disk space.

How to increase your disk space depends so much on how you use your PC and the number of software installed, you can add a few megabytes.

Your hard disk stores files in sectors which are technically magnetic divisions on your hard disk that hold your information.

There are many ways of increasing your disk spaces which include;

  1. Disable System Restore
  2. Disable Hibernation
  3. Clean it up, delete all useless files automatically
  4. Use Ccleaner to clean up
  5. Increase Disk Space in Windows Using Disk Management
  6. Running a scheduled batch script to clean up and organise your files

While these methods may grant you additional space you may find additional space by developing a new routine of creating space.

This routine may include;

  1. Backing up or deleting files from the Downloads and Documents folder that are no longer useful.
  2. Reorganising your Documents folder files.
  3. Uninstalling software or computer programs you no longer need especially software that you have not used for more than 4 months.
  4. Deleting files found in %temp%
  5. Emptying the recycle bin.

About the last part, its common practice for the other gender to use the recycle bin as a backup for special files, you may need to be careful while emptying the same.

Make it a habit to always reorganise your desktop in a way that only important applications are kept on screen.

While all the above actions will give you more space, adopting an agile system in which you use your online account as the backup will give you move space.

For example, moving all your precious files to the telegram ensures that all your files will be available on the go, you can stream your music and watch your videos directly from telegram, without having to download the files.

 Also, you can use Google Photos to backup your memories, photos that are and have them any time anywhere, on condition that you never forget your Gmail account password. 

Using online backup option is highly recommended, due to security and reliability, however, the online backup option you choose is also very important.

Backup options to consider:

  1. Google is a good option if you use android though Google grants you 15GB of space which can be increased by buying more for $1 every month.
  2. Yahoo on the other hand offers 1TB of space but this is more of email than of storing files unless you pay up.
  3. Dropbox offers 2 GB which can be increased by inviting friends who in turn invite friends but is also limited to 16GB for basic and 32 GB for family.
  4. Skydrive offers you 7GB of file storage.
  5. Mediafire 10GB but can upgrade to 50GB, which is a great service if you are using the PC, more so easier to upload and download unless you intend on batch download.
  6. Telegram you are limited to 2GB file upload, thus you can store as much as you like.

While these are great options to consider while thinking of backing up your data to create space, you may have to find a way of maximizing the little each offer.

For example, you could use Google to store all files you frequently access, especially documents plus photos. Since you’re always on phone this makes it easier.

Then you could use yahoo as you work email as people tend to share a lot of documents. Alternatively, you could set it up as a forwarding email that copies all you Gmail emails that have attachments.

Finally, you could use telegram for music, videos, documents and links, this makes telegram the best place to back up all your files from your PC.

All you need is indeed your phone number to access telegram, but remember in case you don’t want to lose that access please consider logging in using your PC and keep that session active just in case you lose your phone you can easy login and update your account.

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