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How to develop a scheme of work from a curriculum

How to develop a scheme of work from a curriculum is a challenge to a new graduate teacher, despite having the resources needed.

Every professional teacher is by having a subject syllabus, subject notes, scheme of work, lesson plans and teaching aids.

The subject syllabus is usually got from the office of the head of studies and in any case, these are usually freely available for download.

Subject notes sometimes referred to as lesson notes are derived from the subject syllabus with a teacher having to research the content.

The teacher has to ensure that he keeps updating these as and when new changes appear.

Schemes of work are detailed breakdown of what a teacher is going to teach on a particular week, usually detailing the topic and the content.

Usually, a scheme of work is derived from the approved syllabus, which is normally approved by an examining board or authority.

Together with a scheme of work, the teacher must generate a lesson plan which is used to guide a teacher during the lesson.

A lesson plan is used to guide the teacher on the content that will be taught during the lesson on a specified date.

While we have shared plenty of schemes of work for various subjects here, a teacher must learn to create one.

How to develop a scheme of work from a curriculum

  1. Create a table with the following columns; week, number of periods, topic, sub-topic, content, outcomes, teaching aid, reference 
  2. In the week’s column write the week you intend to start teaching a topic and the sub-topic.
  3. In the period’s column write the total number of periods you have to teach in a week.
  4. In the topic’s column write the topic you intend to teach that week
  5. In the content’s column write the content that you intend to cover that week
  6. In the outcomes, column writes what you expect students to acquire after study the topic at hand.
  7. In the teaching aids’ column write the aids that you will use to guide the learners those are usually illustrations.
  8. In the reference’s column write the reference you will use to derive the content.

While this may seem like a challenge, all you need is the curriculum issued by an approved body, say the examination body or authority.

Usually, these stipulate the required syllabus which has the following information; the number of periods, topic, sub-topic, content, outcomes, teaching aid, reference.

Using such information, the teacher can quickly create a scheme of work and later on a lesson plan.

A lesson plan is what you use to teach in class, it’s a minified version of the scheme of work.

In a way, you only note what you are going to teach during a selected period, i.e. if you have 3 periods in a week, a lesson plan shows what you will teach in each period.

While teachers may skip the lesson plan after creating the scheme of work, it’s crucial to have a lesson plan.

This enables you as a teacher to plan and most of all ensure that your students understand what you desire them to learn.

Download a scheme of work template from here.

Download a lesson plan template from here.

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