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How to create a single PDF from a multitude of PDFs?

Creating a single PDF from a multitude of PDFs is a 21st century skill that you must learn since PDF files have become the basis for sharing.

From corporate reports to CV and simple field reports, different people share different information, it now common for people to create one file after all having different creators.

With that in mind, one will meet various occasions in which they need to create a single PDF from a multitude of PDFs.

Initially one will find using Adobe Acrobat DC to merge PDF very handy, however after the 7-day trial for free use one must pay USD14.99 for Pro DC, and USD 12.99 for Standard DC per month.

Unless your company is having a high-profit margin, USD13 per month may be primitively high, thus the need to use a free service that guarantees both quality and private.

Here is a list of different website you can use to convert, merge and create PDF files.

Method 1 – Ideal PDF converter to merge PDF – EasePDF

You can use EasePDF to do a multitude of things since it supports files such as Word to PDF, PDF to Excel, Merge PDF, Unlock PDF, and is easy to use.

EasePDF produces super high-quality work in addition to having Multi-language support and new features are being added every month.

Though some features are Pro features and others have limited abilities, you will just be fine using the basic available features.

To merge a PDF in EasePDF, visit EasePDF first and select “Merge PDF” and then follow the prompts.

Once your files have been merged successfully, you will be given a download link to download your files.

Method 2 – Merge PDF Files by Smallpdf

Another great online converter is Smallpdf which currently possesses 21 tools like Compress PDF, Protect PDF.

Smallpdf is considered one of the most secure online services providers, thus no need to worry about data leakages or your data may be stolen. 

However, there is a catch of a 14-day free trial before paying for their services, also you are limited to make two uploads per hour which are not dangerous if you are a basic user, you can use the Smallpdf without paying a cent!

To merge a PDF using Smallpdf, select the “Merge PDF” option after visiting the Smallpdf website.

You will have to upload the PDFs you want to use to create a single PDF, once the process has been completed you will be provided with a link to download your unified PDF.

 Method 3 – Merge PDF Files by Soda PDF

Soda PDF option which is reliable, intuitive, and portable PDF software which you can use from wherever you are.

You can use the Soda PDF for creating and editing PDF files such as using the electronic signature feature to sign your contract and other documents. 

Although Soda PDF services and functions are professionally comprehensive, they may be a little complicated to use and require you to pay to use them.

Method 4 – Merge PDF Files by MS Word 2010

Lastly, you can try the MS Word 2010, which comes with an add on feature to convert word documents into PDF.

You can also use it to convert photos and images to PDF.

However, you may have to watch out for the file size after the conversion, we recommend that you use SmallPDF to compress the file so you can easily share it on email.

While these are the most recommended methods from us to you on how to create a single PDF from a multitude of PDFs, sometimes you may have issues while converting your documents.

This is usually due to slow internet connection, large files and for all these, we recommend that you spilt your files into small chuck that your network can handle and the website can take.

Bottom of the list

Bottom of the list is those applications that we have used once in a while, though they do deliver the required output. 

  1. PDFsam
  2. PDFill PDF Tools
  3. PDF Merge
  4. PDF Joiner
  5. I Love PDF

These are some of the methods on how to create a single PDF from a multitude of PDFs with each method having its advantages and disadvantages.

Make a choice based on your resources. Strictly speaking, I recommend MS Word 2010 approach since it doesn’t require extra resources, besides it is free of charge and you can enjoy many tools and functions that other websites and software have and don’t have.

Hope you have found an answer to your question “How to Merge PDF Files Without Acrobat?”

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