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Google Photos options you didn’t know

Google photos options you didn’t know about are online backup options that you could have used without worrying about change of heart.

Google unlike other software company has a strong affinity of kill services as it finds fit. As if this writing Google has announced that it will stop offering unlimited photo storage to it’s users this affects the future Google Pixel phones with the existing ones being the last to come with free unlimited “high-quality” uploads to Google Photos.

Accordingly, therefore all current Pixel phones will still upload the photos for free after Google even after the unlimited storage ends on June 1st, 2021, however, it was also confirmed that all future Pixels phones will not come with the free unlimited uploads as has been.

Now starting June 1 2020, Google users will have to purchase one of Google One storage plans before or after they use up their free storage space of 15GB, which ever is convenient.

Alternatively users have to seek other online photo storage options which by all looks and accounts seems the most viable since your Gmail and your Google Drive also account towards your usage of 15GB.

There aren’t many free options that can much up to the free 15GB that Google offers. And in all honesty, apart from the default Apple trouts 5GB you may have to resort to the best suicide mission ever.

Here are the possible options if paying is not aproblem;

Amazon photos





While these are options are great, users who can’t afford $9 per month for 2 TB could explore iCloud offer of $1 for 5GB.

For those not worried or concerned about privacy, they could consider looking into using social media accounts especially Facebook groups which could allow you to upload as many photos as you can with a comprominise of image quality.

Using WhatsApp would another option however there are two challenges one must overcome, first is the image quality will greatly be affected and second once you change devices you loss your images.

The first challenge can be solved by uploading the picture as a document, but the second challenge may require lists of twerking.

The best Google photos options you didn’t know is telegram which is an online backup option that you could have used without worrying about the unreliable change of goal posts.

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