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5 Things about 2019 PLE Examinations You Should Know


The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) released the official timetables for the 2019 PLE examinations that officially start on November 2 with a briefing.

According to the available time table (see the links below) the candidates will be doing two papers for two straight days, with the first paper being done in the morning starting at 9:00 am, while another paper will be done in the afternoon starting at 2:00 pm.

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Mathematics will be the first paper, which shall be done in the morning, while the second paper, social studies & religious education, will be done in the afternoon on November 4.

Registration status

The candidate’s parents are urged to check the registration status of their children by using the two availed methods; these include the use of the web portal and the SMS options.

Using the online method one can see the Passport size Photo, Full Name, Gender, Index Number, Funding, Center and the Status details of any index number that they search.

While using the SMS method the sender will receive a message containing the Full Name, Index Number, Center and the Status details any queried candidate.

It must be stated here that it’s photos pose a serious threat to the candidates when accessed by malicious individuals.

To check the registration status of any candidate on types Reg full index number then send the SMS to 6600 at a fee of Shs 500 across all networks.

It should be noted here that centers that have not yet paid the full examination fees or for any student not registered, the status will reflect “Not registered”.

According to Wakabi , UNEB considers a candidate to be registered after payment of UNEB registration fees. With online, the display even shows the candidate’s colored photograph and subjects for which they registered.

Pregnant candidates

Odongo urged headteachers not to deny pregnant candidates an opportunity to sit their final examinations this year as there is no law or written policy that bars girls from sitting exams while pregnant.

In any case, if a girl is pregnant she can be given a special room and watched over while writing her papers, once she completes her examination, she can be escorted out of the school and brought in when on another paper.

“You may lock out this girl from such a crucial examination without knowing what lies ahead of her in case she excels. Let’s give them a chance as parents and teachers continue to sensitize girls on the effects of early pregnancies.”


UNEB has assured the public that its fully prepared and committed to conduct a valid, reliable, equitable and quality assessment of learners’ achievements professionally and innovatively as stipulated within the regulations and policies of UNEB.

More so UNEB has warned all those who intend to engage in examination malpractices that it has the resources and will resolve to tenaciously pursue anyone who will be associated with examination malpractice, be it teachers, supervisors, security officers or any other person.

Important Links

  1. PLE time table
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