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Best Tips on How to Teach English to Slow Learners

By definition slow learners are learners who process visual and audio information very slowly, so they need to be shown the basic principles repeatedly, four to five times.

Slow learners are sure learners and once they understand they never forget it, it’s imperative therefore that a teacher takes his time while teaching these learners.

In fact, slow learners are subject lovers, not syllabus lover, so they imagine what the teacher explains and they refer to the examples the teachers quote to remember the concepts.

A teacher who demonstrates or uses diagrams makes topics and concepts stick, for example using visual cards and the experiments to make the concept stick.

A teacher who uses storytelling greatly helps students to remember concepts, so as a teacher atimes tell a story.

Divide the teaching board and explain the concept, listing keywords on board and for students to note down and recite.

In addition to the above, you may give the students keywords with meanings on a sheet and you ask the students to match them up on paper, these can be printed or hand written.

Ask the students to look at a diagram and annotate it in addition to labeling, this makes it easier for slow learners to remember what they labeled.

Use answer quizzes written on mini whiteboards at the end of the lesson or beginning of the next lesson.

You may ask the students to answer a simple exam question on the topic then, you may repeat the answers and explain the concept ensuring to summarize the main points.

You can provide the learners with study guides, highlight important points, keywords, and their definitions.

A student who collaboratively compiles summaries on topic with prompts from teacher enables slow learners to recall facts.

You may ask the students to write three questions for their peers to answer. These questions can be derived from their notes or textbooks.

You may use mnemonics to help learners remember to order and meaning of tricky definitions. For example, ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’, can be used to remember directions North East South West or the movement i.e from right to left.

You can go step by step when explaining a new exercise. By going through the whole exercise step by step slow learners are able to remember the exercise.

You can use real-life examples when explaining concepts.

Encourage the learners to explore and discover new concepts. For example, which words can one get from a random collection of letters

Foster curiosity among the learners by asking them questions such as why, how, what, when. For example, after reading a story ask the students to explain how a character feels, why a character behaved that way.

Give the learners graphical novels or literature. Learners remember things they see easier than things they hear, using graphic novels during comprehension is a sure way of teaching slow learners better.

After a new topic has been covered or taught, ask the learners questions, see how they answer those questions and attempt to correct them

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