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8 Unexpected Ways that Can Make Your Life Better

Habits are formed by a series of repeated actions or activities. From wake up early to sleeping early, individuals are as productive as the series of activities they are engaged in.

By nature, teachers are subject to varying degrees of depressing thoughts and vibes which in all affect their productivity and with proper routines, they may burn out.

Here are the 8 unexpected ways that can make your life better:

Sleep early and always wake up early, as the proverb says “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy.” This is a scientifically proven fact that most of the millionaires are early risers.

You wake up early you are a few hours to your working periods and this guarantees that you will have more accomplished before others do.

In addition, you have some quiet time free from distractions, for a teacher this can mean that you have no one bothering you, a sure-fire to accomplish more (marking 30 scripts or more).

Drink Lukewarm water once you wake up, the first thing you should do is drink a glass of water once you get out of bed.

If You sleep for 8 hours or more then you are as dehydrated as you would be if you were working for 4 straight hours.

Also very important that you drink Lukewarm water, as this doesn’t affect the operation of your body’s metabolism.

Lay your bed, laying the bed also gives you a pleasure that you can only receive once you return to the bed in the evening.

In fact those who their bed is said to be more focused on the activity or schedules than those who don’t lay their bed.

Since this act alone makes you feel like you can accomplish all that lies ahead of you, one small act at a time.

Do exercises as they are a great way of improving your mind’s agility and alertness, improves blood flow, adds more motivation and clear your mind for new things ahead of the day.

Don’t check your phone till you are at work, refrain from looking at your phone once you wake up, not only does it distract you from your days’ activity but also creates a negative vibe around you.

In research, those who check their phones once they wake up are prone to low self-esteem and loss at least 3 hours trying to get back on track.

Don’t make any calls till 9 am just text, there is nothing as annoying as receiving a call at 6 about something that you are supposed to do at 10:00 am.

Better to always send text messages and then call whoever you think hasn’t read your messages after 9:30am after all nothing is more important as long as you are dead. So learn to hold off some things till it’s necessary.

Take a cold bath, it has been documented here that warm or hot bath in the morning after your body in ways that may lead to laziness.

In fact Telegram’s CEO always takes a cold bath every morning to just improve his focus and motivation. He says that if you can stay in cold water for 3 minutes it makes it easier for you to make a tough decision.

Read a book for 30 minutes instead of watching TV, for some reason unlike what you may have known, all news in the morning is always negative news. This is because most of the news outlets are trying to tell you what happened while you were sleeping, which is just negatives, so refrain from watching the TV till around noon when all facts have been silted and you get only facts.

By practices only these 8 Unexpected Ways in addition to making sure that you sleep 8 hours every night and drink 6 glasses of water every day your life will become so much better.

Are there tips that you use to make you better than you were yesterday, feel free to share in the comments below

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