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4 signs that your destined for greatness.

4 signs that your destined for greatness while working harder towards your goal, these are the highlights that you on your way to success.

It is natural for every human being to desire to make progress in anything they try to do.

While it may take years for people to be as successful, for others it may take overnight.

But the hallmark of every success story has tale-tell signs that highlight them all, from sleepless nights to negotiation skills.

While others may see challenges, one may see opportunities; you don’t discuss everything everyone talks about.

These individuals usually find the merits of doing something that may outweigh the demerits, thus getting the good out of everything.

Once one is done with being a loser, they get up and search for ways of being winners.

Knowing whether you are making progress or not is important as it motives you to take some positive steps in life

To track your progress you need to be on the lookout for the signs that reflect your success progress.

These are the 4 sign of incoming success:

  1. You hate being idle
  2. You celebrate small accomplishments
  3. You like challenges
  4. Your best isn’t good enough

You hate being idle

Someone destined for greatness is always working on something that makes them great, usually their passion.

People who work hard hate being idle and those who work hard always accomplish what is required of them.

Those who enjoy being bored and idle are usually destined to fail, thus if you find it difficult being idle know you’re on the right path.

You celebrate small accomplishments

A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step, the joy one finds in small accomplishments is a hallmark of success.

He who celebrates small successes and still strives to optimize them can be said to be successful as much as you can.

While people may criticize your love of small things, but their critique does not move you. 

Your overzealous and overconfident character still confuses peoples as much as it inspires them to be better.

Success is not picked from the tree; successful people always take note of minor problems and try to fix them as soon as they arise.

You like challenges

You like challenges in all its forms and sizes, you feel that whatever you set your heart one you will achieve.

You are positive about everything, by default you’re an optimist who sees opportunities in every problem.

You don’t take no for an answer, you break down problems into small manageable tasks, which make a large task a mere challenge to overcome

Your best isn’t good enough

Achiever doesn’t settle for anything less than the best they think their best is not good enough.

If you feel that your previous achievement is just a glimpse into how far you can go, then you can know you’re on the path to success.

People may praise you but deep inside your gut, you know you haven’t met your expectations. 

In fact whenever you complete one thing, you up to your target.

For example, once you pass one level of school you want to pass the next level after that despite the praise you get from friends and family. 

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