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3 Things Every Parent Must Know About Makerere University.

This comes against a backdrop of strikes that have recently rocked Uganda’s Makerere university over the increment of fees, forcing the government to have its mighty military set camp in the university premises.

However, a closer look at the university fees structure and the level of service delivery warrants a parent to calm their children as it later becomes clear that the university only uses their tuition as mustard seeds.
One has to remember that Makerere University has long been view globally as the ivory tower of an excellent education; regionally it has topped the list of the best universities in East Africa and Africa as a whole.

Less than Regional Fees

However, it is not all glory and glamour for the tower of knowledge as it recently emerged that it was undercharging the student.

According to the University chancellor, the university was charging nearly 5% less than its regional counterpart, an example is the medicine course where students were paying $921 while their counterparts in Nairobi were paying a whopping $3,947 while those in Dar-es-salaam were paying $6,578.

With all the total collection the university makes, it has to make a 20% payment to the government, in addition to paying university lecturers who are public workers, which the president has directed should immediately be changed.

The university should use the total fees collected for investing in infrastructure and all those other developments necessary to ensure quality education is dispersed to the student, according to the president.

Humanity and Science

However, there is a catchy 22 which would mean some courses to be dropped which in turn would lead to the termination of lecturers, in particular, humanity courses will be dropped and science courses promoted.
As the famous innovator Steve Jobs once said, do only one thing and do it exceptionally, the university is going to be more of a sciences university then an art university and this means that the students will be forced to pay per unit cost for all the course units.
All monies that the students will be paying will now be used in infrastructure development like laboratories.

Makerere University Fees Increment Starts Next Year

The university will now have to get an updated functional fee structure from the National Council of Higher education which will only be implemented starting the next academic year.

Although the 85th Guild President Julius Kateregga condemns this state of affairs attributing it to being the main cause of the highest level of university dropped ever recorded in the university history.
Asserting that it is out of touch with reality, however, one must note that quality had a shorthand price tag that can only be seen in the long-time products.

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